The Who, What, Where and Why of NERC Compliance

NERC has been the primary point of contact with the U.S. government for the electric industry since 1968. This corporation was established in case of a breach in national security or a critical infrastructure issue arises. NERC is authorized by the Federal Regulatory Commission (FERC) to ensure the dependability and consistency of the North American  … Read more

Load Bank Testing: What It Is and Why Your Business Needs It

Having a fully functioning and reliable standby generator in the event of an unplanned power outage is imperative to keep your business up and running. The purpose of an emergency generator is to supply your facility with power when an emergency arises and power from the grid is lost. When faced with this situation, you  … Read more

Power Factor Testing: What It Is and How It Will Help Your Facility’s Electrical Equipment

Whether you operate a casino, aviation center, power plant or oil facility, electrical power equipment can fail—no matter what your facility may be! Often, these failures occur because the insulation system is damaged, and regularly scheduling a power factor test can prevent them from happening. Not only can this test detect if there’s deterioration within  … Read more

Four Protective Relay Tests You Can Rely On

The sole purpose of protective relays is to rid power systems of the elements that lead to short circuits. However, before protective relays are used, it is crucial that they are acceptance tested. Additionally, in order to ensure that protective relays continue to safely and efficiently fulfill their purpose, NFPA 70B 2016 states that they  … Read more

Buzz Kill: Here’s Why High-Voltage Power Lines Make Noise

If you have worked on—or walked under—high-voltage power lines, odds are you have heard a buzzing noise coming from the lines. Most people, however, do not know why power lines actually buzz. Is it static discharge, what is that noise? Vibration from a 60-cycle field? The high-voltage experts at North Central Electric are here to  … Read more

How to Make Sure Your Cable Insulation is of the Highest Quality

As with all electrical equipment, you want to make sure your cable insulation is performing its job. Not knowing if your cable insulation is up to par can lead to inefficiency with your equipment and a potentially dangerous situation for your employees—that’s why the engineering experts at North Central Electric are here to help! Here’s  … Read more