Tips for Running an Effective Safety Maintenance Program

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Tips for Running an Effective Safety Maintenance Program

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The main question that business owners or project managers should always be asking themselves is “how can safety awareness be improved in the workplace?. The second question should probably be “how can we be more productive and avoid interruptions to workflow?”. Well, when you partner with North Central Electric for a safety maintenance program, we’ll create the necessary plans to ensure both of these goals are met. 


For decades, NCE has provided unparalleled preventive/predictive maintenance and equipment safety training to businesses all across the country with a focus on safety and prolonging your essential assets. Below, we’ve listed some tips for running a fantastic safety maintenance program. 


Identification Process:

To truly be efficient in your selection, you need to hone in on a specific failure mode. This means that you should start by focusing on machinery and equipment that have the highest potential for impact on your daily operations. From there, you can assess what else needs to be maintained. Infrared scanning of terminations is a great way to determine if your electrical equipment has any areas that need to be fixed. This type of technology is certainly a large upfront cost for many organizations, but the long-term investment is definitely worth it. When you partner with NCE however, you won’t have to make this investment because ​​our experts will conduct thermal and infrared scanning for you!


Schedule Regular Inspection: 

To ensure your equipment doesn’t fail (or get to the point where it needs costly repairs), it’s important to implement a maintenance program. NCE technicians will select the perfect timeline for your maintenance checks, factoring in your busy schedules and our expert knowledge of maintenance timelines. The main key for maintaining safe and productive equipment is simply consistency. Too much time in between maintenance checks and equipment will begin to overwork or deteriorate. Conversely, too little time in between maintenance checks is a burden on your employees and wastes valuable company time. From circuit breakers to motor starters, switches to transformers, all electrical equipment will benefit from getting regular inspections and evaluations from a professional. 


Document Everything!

Keeping maintenance records should always be a priority. Certain documents like schematics for your facility’s connected equipment and machines, manufacturer instructions for installation and maintenance requirements, and last but not least, single-line diagrams for your facility, allow you to keep track of which maintenance has been completed and what’s on the docket for next time. Additionally, while providing service to multiple different industries, it’s essential that documentation exists to adhere to certain OSHA regulations and codes. 


Partner with NCE for Equipment Maintenance!  

North Central Electric offers a variety of predictive and preventative maintenance solutions that ensure your workplace is safe all year round. Additionally, we provide 24/7 emergency service to respond to emergency situations at any time of day! If you’re still wondering how safety awareness can be improved in the workplace, give NCE a call today! Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you have about preventative maintenance plans, equipment safety training, and so much more!