In the constantly adapting field of engineering, you can never be too cautious with your electrical equipment. The top priority for your organization should always be safety, ensuring that each employee works in a secure environment free of electrical hazards or dangers. Aside from safety, productivity is key. When you’re still using old, outdated electrical equipment, your business loses time, efficiency, and above all, money. 

At NCE, we perform unrivaled field-testing services that ensure your electrical equipment is durable, safe, and always up to code. Among the most common and important tests on job sites worldwide is Acceptance Testing. Our specialized technicians have performed hundreds of acceptance tests, and through a comprehensive set of inspections, will have your equipment running better than ever! 

What is Acceptance Testing

Acceptance tests are designed to predict the effectiveness of both new and old electrical equipment. Whether you’ve just installed new equipment and want to ensure it meets code requirements or you’re looking for a thorough examination of your current equipment, acceptance tests ensure that these systems are insured and running properly. 

Why Run Acceptance Tests? 

If you’re looking for ways to extend the life of your equipment, it’s essential to perform these tests on new equipment to make sure they are installed and functioning properly. This both increases job site safety and saves your business money in the long run. According to electrical equipment manufacturers, up to 30% of newly installed electrical equipment fails to operate properly!

That’s why NCE offers field-testing services (ANSI/IEEE, NETA Standards) for all our customers. Electrical testing and commissioning are performed to ensure the electrical apparatus meets industry and manufacturer standards and prove all protection controls and SCADA systems are operating as per engineered design.

Before using new electrical equipment, regardless of size or industry, acceptance testing and commissioning are required. These tests include both visual and mechanical inspections to confirm that true equipment performance is matched with the design intent. As a neutral, unbiased, independent tester, NCE tests provide validity and credibility to your organization, protecting any manufacturer warranty and setting a standard for how future equipment can be monitored and compared.

All Industries & All Sizes! 

Electrical testing and commissioning are necessary for a plethora of industries and the varying electrical equipment that each utilizes. NCE has a wide range of clients, from nuclear power plants and pharmaceutical organizations, to transportation and renewable energy centers. We provide both central variations of acceptance testing:

Green Field- testing/commissioning for new substations. 

Brown Field- testing/commissioning for existing, in-service substations. 

We’ll perform a thorough examination of your electrical equipment following installation and wiring into your power system. NCE’s technical expertise and experience on systems 480 KV to 765 KV will assure our customers that their systems will operate as designed and intended. No matter the size of the job or which industry you’re in, NCE has the best technology, the necessary certifications, and the most trusted technicians. 

Trust the Experts!

Every single NCE tester is a NETA certified technician, extensively trained to install, test, and service a wide variety of electrical equipment. We make sure to assign a NETA Level III or higher to lead every project, providing you with peace of mind that your equipment is in great hands. For professional electrical acceptance testing and commissioning, contact us today!