Why is a Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Plan Important?

A well-established preventive maintenance program is the best way to predict equipment failure and costly repairs. At NCE, we offer maintenance programs that are designed to predict electrical equipment failures before they happen. Electrical equipment failures not only cause costly downtime to companies, but put the health and safety of their personnel at risk.

How NCE Can Help

We offer predictive and preventive maintenance programs that can be customized to meet the needs of each one of our customers. Here at NCE, we offer the following predictive and preventative maintenance programs:

Backup Generator Services

With our backup generator services, whatever the reason may be for the power outage, we can help ensure that your facility can continue to operate efficiently and effectively, no matter what.

Infrared/Thermal Scan

Our Infrared/Thermal scans help detect dangerous system problems quickly. These problems include damaged switchgear, defective components, system overloads and so much more.

In-Service Load Readings

We make it easy to manage your mechanical load meters with our in-service load reading maintenance program.

Lockout/Tagout Procedure

At NCE, our Lockout/Tagout Procedure will help protect your maintenance and service workers as they perform their duties. Specifically, this predictive and preventative maintenance service will address any hazards that could injure your employees from an unexpected energization, release of stored energy or startup of machines or equipment while servicing or maintaining equipment.

NERC Compliance

That experts at NCE will manage your NERC compliance to ensure that your workers, equipment and facility are always NERC-approved.

Offline Electrical Testing

With our Offline Electrical Testing, we are able to pinpoint the precise location of your equipment’s default. When deenergization is preferred, Offline Electrical Testing is the perfect option for accurately creating your equipment maintenance plan.

Oil and DGA Samples

Our Oil and DGA Sample testing will help ensure that your facility is compliant and safe for your workers and equipment.

Online Partial Discharge Analysis

Unlike with Offline Electrical Testing, Online Partial Discharge Analysis is performed while the equipment is energized at its normal operating voltages. With our Online Partial Discharge Analysis, the NCE team will easily test your equipment, ensuring it is functioning safely and efficiently, and suggest a maintenance plan specific to your equipment needs.

Revenue Meter Calibration

Our Revenue Meter Calibration maintenance plan will help prevent costly system disturbances and will accurately diagnose and problems.

Visual Inspection

With a Visual Inspection maintenance plan, the NCE team can ensure that your facility’s equipment and structures to ensure there are no defects. Here at NCE, we carefully inspect your equipment with the industry’s best standards and processes.

Not only does a Predictive and Preventative Maintenance plan ensure that your equipment is up to industry standards, but it also ensures that your equipment is functioning properly and that your employees are able to do their work safely. Contact the experts at NCE today to get started with your Predictive and Preventative Maintenance plan!

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
Predictive and Preventative Maintenance
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance