Common Problems of Electrical Installation Faced by the Owner of a Building

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Common Electrical Problems in a Building

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If you own a commercial building, chances are you run into a myriad of unique challenges each day. Whether there are miscommunications between vendors, parking zone disputes, or construction delays, you know the importance of correcting issues, and doing so quickly. So, when you or your employees start to notice signs of electrical problems, you may be inclined to fix them yourself. 


While some electrical issues may seem simple to repair on the surface, they often stem from a more legitimate malfunction. At North Central Electric or NCE, our certified technicians have seen every electrical problem you can imagine. We provide expert services to commercial building owners to make sure that their employees are safe, comfortable, and focused. Below, we’ve listed 3 common electrical issues, and also explained why hiring professionals to work on them is the correct decision. 


Light Problems: 

Inefficient lighting can often serve as one of the clearest signs of electrical problems in your commercial space. Flickering or dim lights can be detrimental to your business, as they distract your employees from getting their work done and staying on track. While basically anyone can spot poorly performing light bulbs or systems on the surface, commercial electricians go a step further to identify the root of the cause. Simply replacing bulbs will not always work, and in some cases can just prolong the process. Whether there are circuits that need to be tightened or sockets that need to be replaced, trained technicians will recommend the best solutions to help you reach uninterrupted lighting. 


Wiring Issues: 

Wire problems make up a large majority of the common problems of electrical installation faced by the owner of a building. These intricate systems are susceptible to errors and can eventually cause severe safety hazards to anyone inside the building. The first thing to remember is that wires should always be protected or guarded in some capacity to avoid human interaction or touching something else. Certified technicians are trained in locating the perfect places where wires will be isolated, can recommend and install the perfect wire length, know where and how to staple them, and ultimately ensure that electrical fires are avoided in the future. 

Installation Errors: 

A skilled technician will not only be able to install the proper electrical equipment but will also be able to repair faulty, improperly installed systems. Common corporate items such as air-conditioning, telephones, computer and monitor systems, and much more have the potential to cause electrical fires or other hazards. Certified technicians, like the team at NCE, are incredibly well-versed in all the current installation regulations and utilize OSHA codes to make your workplace a safe and comfortable environment. After installation, you can rest assured knowing that the same technicians will also be conducting regular maintenance checks to ensure your systems are running efficiently and safely.  


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