How is High Voltage Cable Testing Done?

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What is High Voltage Cable Testing Done?

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The proper electrical maintenance of commercial properties should always be a priority. When large influxes of people, including employees and guests, are consistently gathered around hefty electrical equipment and dangerously high levels of voltage, the highest concern must always be on safety. There’s a good chance that your commercial property relies on high voltage cables to generate the majority of your power. As you may know, however, these powerful cables can be incredibly dangerous if not regularly tested by professionals. 

Importance of High Voltage Cable Testing:

High voltage cable testing helps to predict and prevent issues before they happen. In most cases, these malfunctions or system errors are unidentifiable to someone who’s not a certified professional. Without these testing procedures, these cables cannot be properly regulated for safety measures nor will they be operating with the best possible efficiency and productivity. Experienced engineers will perform all of the necessary testings to ensure your cables are up to code, properly functioning, and prevent any future hazards or failures in the future. 


Below, you’ll see three forms of high voltage cable testing necessary for proper electric maintenance for commercial properties. 


Discharge Measurements: 

Out of all electrical equipment, products, or systems, high voltage power cables are the most susceptible to partial discharge failures. Discharge measurement tests help to detect the weakness of insulation or faults to eventually remove weak portions of cables that cannot endure such high voltage levels. These tests essentially inspect the quality of insulation or other cable accessories during the manufacturing or commissioning processes. 


Dielectric Breakdown Testing: 

Dielectric breakdown tests continually raise voltage levels to increase the current to the maximum. Using this method, engineers are able to find the absolute highest voltage levels that your cables can handle before it abruptly fails or breaks down. The purpose of this test is to determine how much voltage can be applied throughout the wires until the surrounding insulation fails. Uniquely, this test is actually meant for destruction, as engineers will then measure the voltage levels that caused the insulating material to destruct and then measure the withstand voltage of materials for the future.


Life Test: 

These tests are intended to predict the reliability and durability of your cable infrastructures. During these tests, engineers increase voltage levels during shorter periods of time to determine their expected lives under normal stress and conditions. Certain extreme conditions applied for testing include high vibration levels, cycling in very hot or cold temperatures, power cycling, and more. For your commercial property, it’s essential to see how much stress your cables and accessories can endure and receive proven scientific estimates that can ultimately predict their lifespan. 


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