Since 1988 North Central Electric, Inc. has been helping our customers install and maintain a reliable electric power system.


NCE is part of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

NCE offers a full-spectrum of electrical contractor capabilities including design and engineering, construction, testing and commissioning, and project management. We are constantly growing our capabilities in order to meet our customer demands.

North Central Electric, Inc. is a leader in technical services.

We pride ourselves on our ability to help you avoid unplanned outages from ever occurring. NCE utilizes state of the art equipment and practices to meet your electrical needs. We work closely with the manufacturers to ensure that the equipment being installed and tested is safe for operation. NCE makes sure that all of its procedures and practices fall under the standards provided by OSHA, ANSI/NETA, NFRA 70E, IEEE, and the National Electric Code.

Growing & Evolving

In an ever growing and evolving electric utility and power generation industry, NCE has proven to grow and evolve with it. We owe this to our highly trained and qualified technicians. Their expertise, knowledge, and experience has enabled NCE to continually succeed and meet project demands on time.

As a company, we value the continued education of our employees to make sure they are well trained in the most up to date regulations of equipment operation, testing procedures, and most importantly employee safety.

Veteran Owned Small Business

North Central Electric, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of workmanship and professionalism. We work closely with our clients to regularly schedule maintenance and testing programs. NCE delivers clear and concise reports on the present condition of your equipment, recommended corrective action, and documentation for your safety, insurance, and management reports.

We are a Certified Veteran Owned Small Business