Electrical Testing and Commissioning

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Electrical Testing and Commissioning


You can never be too careful when it comes to your electrical equipment. As an organization, your top priority is safety as you must secure every employee is in a safe working environment, free of any electrical hazards. 


Along with safety, an organization must be productive to be efficient. That means that old, outdated, electrical equipment is not the most effective anymore. Over time, run-down equipment will cost you time, money, and efficiency. 


To ensure your electrical equipment is safe and productive, have the experts at North Central Electric perform electrical testing and commissioning. Our testing will ensure your equipment is running smoothly. Follow North Central Electric’s testing and commissioning procedure to get started.  

How Testing and Commissioning In Electrical Construction Works? 


What is testing and commissioning in electrical construction? How does it work? What is the testing and commissioning procedure? Well, after any electrical installation work, the entire installation is subject to go through testing before being fully functional. This ensures that the equipment is practical and safe. Overall, testing and commissioning is an industrious process of ensuring all the necessary quality controls are in place with their multiple and complex interfaces and interdependencies. 


What is the Testing and Commissioning Process?


Before any electrical work is installed in a building, it is planned and designed. Then after being installed it is tested, operated, and maintained to keep working for years to come. The process of electrical testing and commissioning is to focus on verifying and documenting all the electrical commission equipment, systems, and assemblies. 


What is the Purpose of Testing and Commissioning? 


When new electrical equipment is installed and put in place, it is crucial that the design requirements are all met and the equipment is safe.


So what is the purpose of electrical testing and commissioning? If there is anything wrong with the equipment, proper electrical commissioning is set to identify the potential design issue, equipment complication, or the installation, functionally, performance, or environment failure. 


The overall purpose of electrical testing and commissioning is to catch the problems before it is too late and serious damage is done. If they are not caught, your company may have to deal with frequent power outages. 


Trust The Experts at North Central Electric! 


When getting a piece of new electrical equipment installed, regardless of the size or industry, testing is required. If you find yourself searching the web for a local commercial electrician”, look no further than North Central Electric.


Since 1988, North Central Electric has been serving our customers by installing and maintaining reliable electric power systems, including electrical testing and commissioning. Our state-of-the-art equipment and wealth of experience, ensure we are the best at what we do. Avoid future outages while maintaining a safe and functional electrical system with North Central Electric. 


At North Central Electric, every one of our testers is a NETA certified technician with extensive experience on how to install, test, and service a variety of electrical equipment. We ensure your equipment is in great hands. We offer professional electrical acceptance testing and commissioning. Contact us today to get started!