What Causes a Power Outage?

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What Causes a Commercial Power Outage

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A power outage can occur when you least expect it. The causes of power outages can range from weather conditions, technology failures, human accidents, to even maintenance interruptions. While you never know when the next power outage is going to hit your property, you can take precautions to help prepare and prevent future outages. 


How to Prepare for an Outage


How can you prepare for a power outage? First, invest in multiple surge protectors for your property. This diverts the electrical current from the transient voltage to various electronics that are plugged into a power strip. Also, check on your fire and smoke detectors to ensure they are working properly in the event of a power spurge sparking a fire. Always have an emergency supply kit on-hand which includes a first aid kit, water, food, and a map of the building if you are located on a commercial property. Power outages are inevitable, so being prepared ensures everyone’s safety. 

How to Prevent an Outage 


How can you prevent a power outage? Always keep the trees around your property trimmed. If there are high winds or heavy weather, tree branches can easily break and put the power lines in danger. Purchase a generator. This will keep the power on, even if surrounding areas are experiencing an outage. Be aware when a storm is headed in your direction and begin reducing energy consumption by switching off any tools or appliances that are not essential, turning off lights, and conserving your air conditioning by keeping blinds shut and doors closed. To prevent a power outage, you must keep up with the electrical maintenance of your building. When in need, seek help from the professionals at North Central Electric. 


Commercial Property Power Outage


Every business needs to be prepared for the unforeseen events of a power outage. A commercial property power outage can be nerve-racking so the first step for any business is to develop a concise emergency plan. All employees or tenants need to be aware of this plan and signs should be posted around the premises on what to do in case of an emergency. In commercial buildings, an evacuation plan needs to be in place with a designated safe meeting spot. This spot should be equipped with ventilation, flashlights, food, water, and supplies.  


How to Prevent a Power Outage in Commercial Building 


Luckily, commercial buildings are offered tools to help prevent power outages. If you are wondering how to prevent a power outage in a commercial building, you may be interested in seeking help from North Central Electric. 


In your commercial property, consider having lightning arresters installed. When lightning strikes, your building is put in danger. With an arrester, the lightning is directed to the ground rather than to the building. Some other amenities that can be installed include a line guard and a pole guard. These are designed to humanely deter rodents and other animals from the power lines of your building as these animals can chew away at the cords and cause outages. 


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