Expert Tips to Prevent Electrical Storm Damage to a Commercial Property

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How to Prevent Electrical Storm Damage to Your Commercial Property

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As a commercial property owner, you’ll do anything in your power to ensure that your space is protected from the outside elements. Depending on the location of your property, you might often deal with inclement weather conditions such as snow/hail storms, floods, or even hurricanes or tornadoes. With so much heavy-duty machinery and complex electrical equipment, electrical storm damage to a commercial building can be incredibly dangerous and unbelievably costly. 


To make sure your building is prepared for the worst and prepped the best, the expert team at NCE is providing some tips on how to equip your commercial space for storms and how to prevent electrical surges. 


Before the Storm: 

The most common cause of electrical damage in commercial properties during a storm comes from an electrical surge. A surge is a sudden spike of voltage or power that occurs in an electric circuit. These overvoltages, which most commonly occur during storms, can destroy any and all electrical equipment within your commercial building. That includes systems like your lighting fixtures, your heating and cooling systems, electronic devices or wiring, and much more. Surge protectors, hence their name, are electrical sockets that work to protect your devices from a surge and quickly regulate spikes in electricity into the ground. At NCE, we recommend you hire certified electrical technicians, such as our licensed experts, to conduct a walkthrough, analyze your equipment, and ultimately perform these installations for maximum safety. 


During the Storm: 

Now that you know how to prevent electrical surges before they occur, there are still a few things you can do during a storm to prevent the likelihood of electrical damage. In the event of a drastic storm, the first thing to do is turn off and unplug all of your electrical appliances or systems. This includes air conditioners, computers, TVs, cooking equipment, anything that uses electricity to run. Especially when there is lightning involved, power surges can overload (sometimes even past protectors) and cause even more damage. 


After the Storm: 

When the storm does eventually blow by, it might be time to re-evaluate your protection protocols. By hiring the right professionals, you can identify certain hazards around your area that could potentially lead to electrical storm damage to a commercial building. For example, maybe trees surrounding your location need to be trimmed down or your overhead powerlines on the property are entangled with tree branches. Taking preventative measures is the key to creating the safest environment possible for your commercial property.


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Looking for a professional commercial electrician that knows the ins and outs of preventative storm damage measures? NCE provides turnkey electrical safety solutions for commercial business owners around the country looking to avoid blackouts, costly damages, and most importantly, injuries or harmful incidents. We are a leader in technology services and provide your business with an experienced partner for the long run. Speak with a member of our team today about preventing storm damage in your commercial space by calling (215) 945-7632!