What is the Purpose of Transformer Oil?

  Transformers are perhaps most known from the movies, action figures, and cartoons, yet in our industry, different kinds of transformers are an integral part of the electric process. These systems are passive electrical devices used to transfer electrical energy from circuit to circuit, both working to decrease and increase voltage levels when necessary. With  … Read more

How is High Voltage Cable Testing Done?

The proper electrical maintenance of commercial properties should always be a priority. When large influxes of people, including employees and guests, are consistently gathered around hefty electrical equipment and dangerously high levels of voltage, the highest concern must always be on safety. There’s a good chance that your commercial property relies on high voltage cables  … Read more

Why Your Company Needs Electrical Preventive Maintenance

    When it comes to your business, the most important thing is facilitating an environment where your employees can work safely. In order for your business to continue its success, it’s clearly also essential that they’re able to work productively and avoid distractions or interruptions. Companies of all shapes and sizes utilize electrical equipment  … Read more

Safety Tips For Gas Handling

    The power of gas is not to be underestimated! Certain gases, such as SF6, are renowned in the industry to be incredibly beneficial for electrical equipment due to their ability to push the maximum electric field without breaking down. With great power, however, comes a great potential for safety hazards and legitimate injuries  … Read more

3 Reasons To Hire An Oil And Gas Consultant

    The average American typically knows one thing about the energy and gas industries: they’re quick to recognize when the prices at the pump rise. Beyond the surface, however, there’s an abundance of complex moving pieces and a flood of changes that affect oil and gas companies around the world. The energy sphere, in  … Read more

The Benefits of Renewable Energy

  Every day, the fear of climate change becomes an even bigger global phenomenon. A recent survey from Pew Research noted that the majority of countries rank global warming as the number one threat to the world. Even in America, where opposing political parties hold staunch opinions about climate change, there’s been a 19% increase  … Read more

What Is a Power Surge?

    Today’s world is extremely reliant on electrically powered devices, so when a power surge strikes, it can become a major hassle. Not only can a power surge damage your electronics, but it could also be potentially dangerous. Surge protection is a sound investment that will protect your electronic equipment as well as you.  … Read more

Signs of Electrical Hazards and Precautions

Electrical safety signs are crucial in modern workplaces as electricity is a vital part of any facility. While required by law, they are often a part of OSHA’S list of top ten most frequently cited violations. Why? Because electrical safety training is crucial in protecting workers from electrical hazards, safety signs and their importance often  … Read more