What is the Purpose of Oil Sampling for Transformers?

Transformers are devices used by the electrical industry to transfer energy from one circuit to another or multiple circuits. They are made up of two or more coils of wire that are used to boost voltage levels to transfer energy over long distances and then lower voltage levels to decrease line losses during transmission. Oil  … Read more

Types of Medium/High Voltage Cable Tests

Medium and high voltage power cables generate, transport, and supply energy within a power grid. They are critical assets used daily by many commercial, industrial, and utility operations nationwide. Over time, as the cable system ages, stress can be placed on the cables during routine usage. To guarantee the integrity of the cable system and  … Read more

Electrical Testing and Commissioning

    You can never be too careful when it comes to your electrical equipment. As an organization, your top priority is safety as you must secure every employee is in a safe working environment, free of any electrical hazards.    Along with safety, an organization must be productive to be efficient. That means that  … Read more

What Causes a Power Outage?

  A power outage can occur when you least expect it. The causes of power outages can range from weather conditions, technology failures, human accidents, to even maintenance interruptions. While you never know when the next power outage is going to hit your property, you can take precautions to help prepare and prevent future outages.   … Read more

Tips for Running an Effective Safety Maintenance Program

  The main question that business owners or project managers should always be asking themselves is “how can safety awareness be improved in the workplace?”. The second question should probably be “how can we be more productive and avoid interruptions to workflow?”. Well, when you partner with North Central Electric for a safety maintenance program,  … Read more

Maintenance Program Tips to Prevent Equipment and System Failures

  When consistently working with electrical equipment, safety and efficiency are clearly the two most important things to consider. An electrical equipment failure can result in both serious injuries for your employees and major interruptions to workflow. When these interruptions occur, your company is forced to address these issues head-on, therefore wasting both time and  … Read more

What is the Purpose of Transformer Oil?

  Transformers are perhaps most known from the movies, action figures, and cartoons, yet in our industry, different kinds of transformers are an integral part of the electric process. These systems are passive electrical devices used to transfer electrical energy from circuit to circuit, both working to decrease and increase voltage levels when necessary. With  … Read more

How is High Voltage Cable Testing Done?

The proper electrical maintenance of commercial properties should always be a priority. When large influxes of people, including employees and guests, are consistently gathered around hefty electrical equipment and dangerously high levels of voltage, the highest concern must always be on safety. There’s a good chance that your commercial property relies on high voltage cables  … Read more