Why NETA Acceptance Testing Is Important

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NETA testingMany individuals involved in electrical equipment might not be entirely familiar with the term NETA or NETA-accredited. NETA describes itself as “an organization that serves the electrical testing industry by offering accreditation of third-party electrical testing firms, certifying electrical testing technicians, producing American National Standards, hosting the PowerTest – Electrical Maintenance and Safety Conference, and publishing NETA World technical journal.” With that said, what makes NETA so important? Below we answer that question and why acceptance testing improves the effectiveness of electrical equipment

What Is NETA Testing?

NETA acceptance tests predict the effectiveness of both new and old electrical equipment. These assessments ensure that the electrical systems and equipment will function properly after being energized. The test results are then compared to the applicable NETA standards and manufacturers’ tolerances. Whether you’ve just installed new equipment and want to ensure it meets code requirements or you’re looking for a thorough examination of your current equipment, acceptance tests ensure these systems are certified and running correctly. 

The Importance of NETA Electrical Standards 

Before a machine runs for the first time, acceptance testing and commissioning are required to verify the effectiveness of the electrical equipment. These tests can identify malfunctions and operational failures that often go undetected in the manufacturing stage. An acceptance test includes visual and mechanical inspections to confirm that proper equipment performance is matched with the design intent. It also validates the manufacturer’s warranty, guaranteeing the equipment was built well and prepared to last. Acceptance testing can also help extend the life of your equipment. 

Many insurance companies also request acceptance testing for liability purposes. All industrial and manufacturing facilities have insurance and may choose to insure large machinery. Acceptance tests protect the insurance company from having to make a large payout if the equipment fails. 

Why Choose NCE for Your NETA-Accredited Testing?

When you’re looking for a company to test your equipment, it’s crucial to partner with one that is NETA-accredited. Why? There are several reasons, including: 

  • Accuracy – Did you know that up to 30% of newly installed electrical equipment fails to operate correctly? When you partner with a company like NCE that employs NETA-certified testers, our technicians recognize when equipment malfunctions or when it is running appropriately. 
  • Intuition – When you work with NCE, we efficiently identify problems or malfunctions before they become more significant issues. 
  • Safety – By following the rigorous NETA electrical standards, our technicians increase job safety and ensure your equipment will run correctly without putting anyone at risk. 

As an independent tester, our tests provide validity and credibility to your organization, protecting any manufacturer warranty and setting a standard for how future equipment can be monitored and compared. If you’ve been searching for acceptance testing near me, you’re in luck; at NCE, we offer field testing services (ANSI/IEEE, NETA standards) for every customer. 

Meeting NETA Standards With North Central Electric 

Electrical testing and commissioning are essential for several industries and the various equipment each utilizes. At NCE, we perform superior testing services that ensure your electrical equipment is durable, safe, and always up to code. Our highly trained technicians have conducted hundreds of acceptance tests, and we promise to have your equipment running better than ever! Contact us at (215) 945-7632 for professional electrical acceptance testing and commissioning.