The Long and Short of It: What a Short Circuit Study is and Why You Need It

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What is a Short Circuit Study, or Electrical Failure Analysis?

A short circuit (also known as a fault) is a problem that occurs when two or more wires come into contact that should not have. A short circuit can cause a very high amount of energy to flow through the electrical system all at once, which can cause damage to any electrical device connected to it at the time. Short circuit interrupting devices are installed to combat a short circuit from causing significant damage to your power system. An electrical fault analysis will determine if the short circuit interrupting devices that are in place are sufficient enough to protect your power system. The short circuit analysis can be conducted by using the utility, generator, or multiple generators as the main source(s) to gather information.

Why is it important?

A short circuit analysis can certainly benefit your company by reducing the risk of catastrophic damage being done due to a short circuit. Changes are constantly occurring with balancing electrical inputs and outputs within an electrical system. The standards and ratings to measure these electrical systems are also constantly changing. Staying up to date with the specs of your specific electrical system by performing a short circuit analysis can save you a lot of trouble down the line. New buildings and installations are not excluded from being potential short circuit victims. Fault levels can vary depending on the individual electrical system and the location. All systems will fault at some point and taking all necessary measures to prevent and predict faults are vital to your business’s success.

What is included in an electrical fault analysis?

With the information from an electrical fault analysis, your engineers will be better equipped with relevant data to do their jobs effectively in understanding and optimizing your facility. The tests that are run in an electrical fault analysis will conclude in either a pass or fail verdict. This will allow your engineers to fix lacking areas and verify areas that are running smoothly within the electrical system. Some of the benefits and features included in an electrical fault analysis are:

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