The Importance of Backup Generators for Your Facility

By North Central Electric,

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Is your facility or commercial space prepared in the event of a disaster? If a major storm or severe weather occurs, would your building be able to handle a sustained power failure? Chances are, the answer is no. If your commercial space is like many others across the country, it is most likely poorly prepared for a large-scale power outage. Read on to learn about The Importance of Backup Generators for your facility

Since 2003, power outages due to the weather have doubled, leaving many facilities in the dark. Anything from tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms and even downed trees from strong winds can cut power instantly. In most cases, many commercial facilities do not have the appropriate backup generators in place, or they’re merely not maintained properly, therefore they render ineffective when needed most. In the event of an unpredictable blackout due to weather or a power failure from the national grids, you want to be sure your facility can withstand extended periods of time with no power. The experts at NCE are sharing the importance of backup generators for your facility when faced with an unplanned disturbance in power so you can stay up and running until power is fully restored. 

Backup Generators for Power Outages and Blackouts

Now more than ever, loss of power can be disastrous to many commercial facilities, causing widespread, catastrophic results. The need to stay connected is critical to buildings like hospitals, emergency facilities, and data centers. Today’s world heavily relies on electricity and power and when faced with an unplanned shutdown, being proactive in protecting your facility is critical. While most commercial building owners and managers adopt the “it won’t happen to me” mentality, the reality is, it’s not a matter of when a power failure will happen, it’s when. 

Having a predictive and preventative maintenance plan in place for your facility is the best way to avoid equipment failure and costly repairs. At NCE, we offer maintenance programs that can predict when your equipment is going to fail before it ever happens. Our backup generator services ensure your building—no matter the cause of the power outage—will be kept up and running and fully operational until power is restored. 

Have a Backup Power Plan in Place

Regardless of the type of facility you maintain, having a thorough plan in place before disaster strikes can help you effectively deal with power shutdowns of all types, whether small scale or large. 

While the U.S. power grid has slowly been improving over the years, this does little in the event of an unplanned outage. Now is the time to take a closer look at your backup power plan and if you don’t have one in place, take into consideration these key points:

  • If your facility is lacking a backup power generator, now is the time to think about installing one. Your backup generator should ideally be large enough to power your critical systems. NCE can help test your load capacity and help ensure your generator is working to the best of its ability. 
  • Your facility will most likely also need an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). An ATS is a device that automatically transfers your power supply from its primary source to its backup when it senses a power failure. Once power is restored, the ATS transfers the power back to the facility and shuts down the generator automatically.     
  • In addition to the above, you may want to consider an uninterrupted power source or UPS. A UPS provides emergency power to a load when an interruption is detected. This is especially useful so you don’t lose power to critical systems like servers and computers. 
  • While simply having all the necessary equipment is great, ensuring that it stays operational is important. Scheduling maintenance and testing for your generator will help guarantee it performs optimally when needed most. 
  • In the event of an unplanned power outage, knowing how much fuel you have and how long your fuel storage will allow you to run is imperative. If gas lines are down or fuel deliveries can’t get to your building do you have a plan? To be fully prepared, have a fuel management plan in place too. 

In today’s world, an unexpected power outage can happen at any time. Ensure your facility is prepared for any type of outage with North Central Electric’s Predictive and Preventative Maintenance plan! With our backup generator services and customized maintenance plans, we guarantee that your facility will continue to run and operate efficiently, no matter what. Contact us today to schedule a predictive and preventative maintenance plan for your facility’s generator.