The Benefits of Renewable Energy

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Top Benefits of Renewable Energy

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Every day, the fear of climate change becomes an even bigger global phenomenon. A recent survey from Pew Research noted that the majority of countries rank global warming as the number one threat to the world. Even in America, where opposing political parties hold staunch opinions about climate change, there’s been a 19% increase in people who see the incoming global warming as a major threat in the last 10 years. 


In the United States, the electricity sector makes up about 30% of our global warming emissions. As public perception continues to push toward the side of science, renewable energy and clean energy sources are emerging as the most formidable opponents to climate change. If you’re wondering what the true benefits of renewable energy are, we’ve compiled a breakdown below:



It’s no secret that fossil fuels and natural gas emissions are expediting climate change. Energy sources that require and release incredible amounts of carbon and other greenhouse gases play an instrumental role in global warming on a massive scale. Renewable energy, in contrast, produces little to no harmful emissions and replaces them with clean, sustainable alternatives. 


As corporations continue to dig up all of these fossil fuels, we become closer every year to running our Earth dry. Solar and wind energy are inexhaustible in a sense, meaning natural winds or heat from the sun can literally never run out. Most coal or nuclear plants also require large amounts of water for power and electricity, while wind and solar systems do not. 


Public Good: 

Renewable energy companies provide solutions for your business that are not only energy-efficient, but are for the good of mankind. Coal and natural gas plants can produce widespread pollution of our air and water. This contamination of our natural resources is linked to serious diseases, including cancer, neurological damage, breathing problems, and in some cases, even premature death. In contrast, clean energy sources (such as wind or solar systems) don’t produce any water or air pollution. 


In addition to increased air quality improving global health, another societal benefit of renewable energy is the potential increase of jobs in the market. As more traditional gas corporations transition into renewable energy companies, more jobs are created that require skilled technicians. For instance, solar panels and wind farms need to be installed and regularly serviced by certified engineers. 


Why Renewable Energy for YOUR Business? 

On one front, your business can take pride in knowing that your energy sources are actively combating global climate change and that you’re producing clean and inexhaustible air. In addition to that, although the installation of renewable energy systems can be costly upfront, they will dramatically increase your electric bills over time. Because these facilities create energy from natural sources, there is essentially no cost for their fuel. 

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