Repeating the Hipot Test: Does It or Does It Not Damage Your Cable?

By North Central Electric,

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Hipot testing is the best way to detect if there are any malfunctions in an electrical product. If an electrical product passes the hipot test, you can rest easy knowing that it can function safely and properly. If an electrical product fails the hipot test, it means it either has a workmanship or assembly defect, which can eventually lead to an insulation breakdown. Luckily, the experts at North Central Electric are here to help you avoid these non-effective industry practices, so here’s a breakdown of what the repetition of hipot test voltage can do to the cabling of your electrical equipment.

What is Hipot Testing?

Hipot test voltage requires utilizing superior hipot testing equipment, involving the main conductor of the tested device being hooked up to high voltage while the other connections are held at the ground potential. If the current level surpasses the current trip setting, the tester immediately turns off the voltage and fails the electrical device. Some facility owners express concern that quality cables are potentially being rejected because they’re unable to set the trip current setting to the maximum. However, it has been proven that quality cables aren’t rejected due to lower current levels.

What Hipot Retesting Does to Cabling

As previously mentioned, repeating a failed hipot test over and over again is considered to be poor practice in the industry. This is because it involves making an already ineffective cable worse with every hipot arc sent into it. While it is unlikely that running a low current arc test could do permanent damage to the cabling, the reason for the hipot failure must be investigated to prevent future issues.

Whether you need VLF Hipot Testing, AC Resonant Hipot, or DC Hipot Testing, the experts at NCE can take care of them all! When it comes to hipot testing your facility’s electrical products, you need to be able to rely on a company that will follow the best industry practices and accurately assess your hipot testing equipment—you need North Central Electric. To schedule a hipot test for your electrical equipment, or to learn more about what hipot testing is, contact us today!