Repeating the Hipot Test: Does It or Does It Not Damage Your Cable?

By North Central Electric,

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hipot testHigh Potential testing, also known as hipot testing, is an excellent way to detect malfunctions in an electrical product. If the electrical insulation of the product passes the hipot test, you can rest easy knowing that it is functioning properly and is safe to continue to use. However, if the product fails the hipot test, it means that the insulation of the tested product was unable to withstand the voltage. Eventually, this can lead to an insulation breakdown, which can result in electrical leakage, reduced efficiency, and fire hazards. Luckily, the experts at North Central Electric are here to help you avoid these non-effective industry practices, so here’s a breakdown of what the repetition of hipot test voltage can do to the cabling of your electrical equipment.

What is Hipot Testing?

The hipot test requires advanced equipment to determine effective test voltage, a critical component to ensure the integrity of electrical systems. In this process, the primary conductor of the tested device is connected to a high-voltage source, while the remaining connections are maintained at ground potential. If the current exceeds the preset trip level, the testing device swiftly deactivates the voltage, leading to the device’s failure. There are instances where facility owners may worry about high-quality, usable cables being rejected by mistake if the trip current is not set to its maximum level. However, that risk should be mitigated with appropriate electrical cable management. Extensive evidence supports the fact that the rejection of high-quality cables by mistake is not a common occurrence.

What Hipot Retesting Does to Cabling

Continuously subjecting a cable to repeated failed hipot tests is widely regarded as poor practice in the industry. This is because it exacerbated the inefficiency of the cable compounds with each subsequent hipot arc sent into it. While the potential for permanent damage from a low current arc test is minimal, the underlying cause of a failed test must be investigated to rectify the issue and bolster effective electrical cable management. 

Whether you need VLF Hipot Testing, AC Resonant Hipot, or DC Hipot Testing, you can confidently depend on the experts at North Central Electric. Our comprehensive expertise and experience include a broad range of testing methods, and our adherence to industry standards ensures careful scrutiny and assessment for each test. By utilizing our capabilities, you can rest assured that you are getting a comprehensive approach to hipot testing that upholds the highest standards of cable management. 

At North Central Electric, our commitment to excellence extends to include every facet of electrical engineering. Our team of seasoned professionals uses cutting-edge testing equipment and techniques to determine insulation integrity, identify potential vulnerabilities, and ensure seamless operation of your electrical equipment. Trust us to act as your reliable partner in cable management and testing, bringing you peace of mind. To schedule a hipot test for your electrical equipment, or to learn more about our cable testing services, contact us today at (215) 945-7632!