Preventive vs. Predictive Maintenance: What’s the Difference?

By North Central Electric,

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Keeping your client’s facility equipment running at optimal performance is vital. Preventive and predictive maintenance are two of the most common types of maintenance programs designed to increase the reliability of an organization’s assets and reduce failures and interruptions in workflow. Because the two are relatively similar, the electrical experts at North Central Electric are sharing the main differences between them and when your facility should be using one over the other.


What Is Preventive Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is like a routine checkup you receive from your doctor. It is planned or scheduled and performed on equipment that is completely functional. It is used to prevent future breakdowns or emergency issues that could arise in the future. Just like your routine checkup from your doctor can prevent illness and prolong your health, preventive maintenance on your facility’s equipment can prevent failures and extend the life of the machine, increasing efficiency and productivity. Instead of fixing equipment after it breaks, you can identify and diagnose these issues beforehand. Not only will this prevent interruptions in your workflow, it will keep production running which can increase profits.    


One challenge that can arise from a preventive maintenance plan is the cost. Making smart decisions, such as knowing which asset requires maintenance and when, is extremely important to avoid unnecessary or useless maintenance and additional fees. 


What Is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance can be compared with health screenings or precautions you take if you are at a higher risk for a particular condition. Also known as condition-based maintenance, predictive maintenance requires preset conditions. This type of maintenance program uses operating data and analysis to assess when maintenance is required. This helps to avoid failures and conveniently schedules a repair based on hours of operation or time that has passed.


Predictive maintenance can pose a challenge if accurate operating data isn’t available. This can result in equipment being serviced too frequently or not enough and can drive up costs and create unplanned downtime. 


Choosing the Right Maintenance Program for Your Facility

Here at NCE, we can help you build and create a unique maintenance program that is customized to your facility. To keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently, consider a combination of both preventive and predictive maintenance programs. By leveraging the benefits of both programs, you can determine the right time for equipment maintenance as well as monitor the current state of your equipment and keep costs as low as possible. 


A well-established maintenance program is the best way to predict equipment failure and costly repairs. Keep your facility up and running with our maintenance programs that can be completely customized to your unique needs. From backup generator services to offline electrical testing, we can do it all and design a program that works for your facility. Contact the professionals at NCE today to get started on your preventive or predictive maintenance plan or call us at (215) 945-7632 for a free consultation.