Bear Witness: Here’s How Factory Witness Testing Will Benefit Your Equipment

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When you order new equipment for your facility, you assume that everything is delivered to you is of working order. According to electrical equipment manufacturers, almost 30% of newly installed equipment fails to operate properly once constructed. While most equipment is subject to routine tests prior to shipment, how can you really be sure your new piece of equipment has been inspected correctly unless you’ve seen the inspection done yourself? Save yourself time and prevent hassles and headaches by guaranteeing your equipment is operating optimally prior to leaving the manufacturer’s facility with Factory Witness Testing. The engineering experts at North Central Electric are sharing with you what a witness test is and why it can be beneficial for your equipment and your business.

What Is Factory Witness Testing?

Factory witness testing sometimes called factory acceptance testing or FAT is a series of tests conducted on your equipment prior to shipment and installation. They are performed at the manufacturer’s site, in the presence of a team of engineers or a highly trained inspector to “witness” the tests performed, hence the name. These tests can help identify and debug any issues with the equipment before they arrive at your site. This ensures that once your equipment is ready to ship and prior to installation, it is operating smoothly.

What Does a Factory Witness Test Consist Of?

During a factory witness test, typically the customer, manufacturer and engineering team are present. It’s also a good idea to have project managers, operators, and maintenance personnel present, all dependent on who will be working with or operating the equipment. There is no set checklist during witness testing because each piece of equipment and project has different requirements, but in general, the following tests are often conducted:

  • Comprehensive inspection – this is usually customized, based on the needs of the customer. Usually the manufacturer will review against the client’s General Arrangement drawings and plans.
  • Contract audit – this is a review of the contract to make sure the equipment meets the original agreement standards.
  • Electrical and mechanical checks
  • Pump and pressure tests
  • Fire test

The Value of Factory Witness Testing for Your Equipment

Factory witness tests are beneficial not just for the customer, but also for the manufacturer. Factory witness testing allows both parties to come together to ensure that the product is up to specifications and while the equipment is still in the possession of the manufacturer, it’s easier to rectify issues—keeping costs down and within your budget. Some other important reasons why witness testing can be beneficial:

  • Customers can touch and feel the equipment before it arrives at their facility.
  • Manufactures can provide training on-site which can be beneficial to the operators who will be working firsthand with the equipment.
  • All project people—from both sides—are in attendance, making it an ideal time to review specifications, parts, operations and maintenance procedures.
  • Extend the life of your equipment. Ensuring everything is working smoothly and properly prior to arriving at the site.
  • Save money in the long run on costly repairs. Working out any issues beforehand can save you money and time.
  • Quality assurance for your employees. Knowing your equipment is functioning properly gives you peace of mind knowing your employees operating the equipment will be safe.

Are you looking for ways to extend the life of your equipment? At North Central Electric, our highly trained experts can perform tests on newly built equipment to ensure that when you receive it, it is fully functional and operational with no issues upon initial startup. Contact us today to schedule your professional factory witness testing!