Benefits of Transformer Oil Filtration

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Working in the construction or engineering industry, you know the importance of regular maintenance for your machinery and equipment. Transformers play a vital role in the electrical power industry. Just like how thorough checks are necessary for these devices, so is learning why transformer oil filtration is beneficial. Today the service technicians at NCE highlight the advantages of treating transformer oil and how our local electrician services can help.

What Is Transformer Oil?

A transformer is an electrical device that is a significant part of everyday life and forms a vital part of the power supply system. Transformers convert power to appropriate levels for other system components to safely use. To guarantee a long lifespan, transformers need to be correctly maintained. A crucial element of transformer maintenance is the purifyin

transformer oil

g of the transformer oil. Clean, good-quality oil is essential for proper operation and efficient performance. If your facility seeks oil processing services near me, our experienced team has installed thousands of transformers and kept them in service to ensure our customers always have the power they need. 

Transformer oil, also known as insulating oil, has powerful electrical insulating properties and is stable in high temperatures, making it the oil of choice for machinery coolants. But, this oil tends to degrade over time. When transformer oil is exposed to moisture and materials like acids and metal dust, it becomes contaminated. For a transformer to continue operating sufficiently, the contaminated oil must be filtered and purified. That’s why it’s crucial to hire an experienced company that provides local electrician services to assemble and maintain your transformer. 

Critical Functions of Transformer Oil

To understand the importance of transformer oil filtration, it is vital to first understand its purpose and function within a transformer. Insulating oil has three primary purposes, including:

  • Insulation – Transformer oil acts as an insulator between the windings, raising the resistance between them to prevent a short circuit. 
  • Coolant – As the voltage changes, the temperature of the transformer’s windings will change. The oil acts as a coolant for the transformer.
  • Security – The level of oil inside the transformer and the temperature display describes the internal conditions of the equipment. Oil purification ensures critical losses and damages never occur. 

Advantages of Oil Filtration

Regular insulating oil filtration can benefit your equipment and machinery in several ways, including: 

  • Increases the insulating properties of the oil
  • Longer equipment lifespan
  • Reduces transformer breakdowns

If you have been searching for transformer oil filtration services near me, don’t hesitate to reach out to the technicians at NCE. We can perform diagnostic testing to help you make an informed decision regarding your transformer and its insulating fluid to avoid costly repairs and shutdowns in the future. 

Oil Processing Services Near Me

North Central Electric offers transformer maintenance services to support your high-quality equipment. We utilize state-of-the-art oil processing rigs and, using your transformer’s specifications, employ a process known as vacuum degassing to prepare the new oil for installation. We have an experienced team of field service technicians and project managers that are always available and fully equipped with cutting-edge industry knowledge, the latest technology, and the most advanced tools and equipment to handle all your oil processing needs. Whether you need assistance with oil installation services or repair and maintenance, call us at (215) 945-7632 for a free consultation.