3 Electrical Routine Maintenance Checks You Should Be Performing at the Workplace

By North Central Electric,

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3 Electrical Maintenance Checks

To operate a successful workplace, establishing a workplace safety plan is critical.

Check all Electrical Equipment

Regardless of the time of year, your electrical equipment is working hard to keep your space comfortable. It’s a smart idea to check all electrical panels and all related equipment like your HVAC system, fire alarms, smoke detectors, fans, filters, ductwork, condenser coils, piping, and insulation. Preparing a predictive and preventative maintenance plan for your electrical equipment can help keep your facility functioning at an optimal level.


Check Building Exterior

While maintaining all outdoor electrical equipment is critical, inspecting the infrastructure can also help extend your facility’s life. Look for broken doors, windows, and railings, inspect the roof for leaks and plant growth or debris, clean the gutter system, examine the fencing, and check the condition of sidewalks and parking lots. 


Perform Testing and Inspections on Electrical Equipment

For the electrical safety of your equipment and your facility, a number of inspections and testings should take place frequently. Trust the experts at NCE to perform a variety of these services to decrease electrical system failures. We can:


  • Perform acceptance testing and commissioning to make sure your equipment is installed and functioning properly.
  • Provide industrial engineering services to prevent and avoid unplanned power outages. 
  • Perform SF6 gas handling projects like fill, reclamation, disposal, and analysis to ensure you and your team are safe and aren’t exposed to toxic gases. 
  • Carry out high voltage cable testing and diagnostics that can predict future faults in your power grids.
  • Create predictive and preventive maintenance plans to minimize costly repairs and outages, saving you time and money. 
  • Install and test your transformers and provide repairs and maintenance services like oil processing and degasification. 


At NCE, we offer customized workplace safety programs designed to predict electrical equipment failures before they happen. We recognize that equipment failures not only cause costly downtime but also puts the health and safety of your personnel at risk. With a professionally designed predictive and preventive maintenance program, NCE can help ensure that your facility can continue to operate efficiently and effectively, no matter what happens. Contact the experts at NCE today to get started with a customized safety plan for your workplace.