If you live in Hulmeville and you have been researching Transformer Assembly & Maintenance Services Near Me, then you should consider using North Central Electric Inc. for your transformer services and all of your commercial electrical needs. We have been serving this area since 1988 and will continue to provide companies with industrial testing programs, maintenance, engineering, commissioning, and project management services for many years to come. At NCE, we are the leader in technical services and have a strong core value system that is centered on preventing outages from ever occurring in your business. As a business owner or someone who has dealt with lost equipment due to electrical and technical issues, we are sure you know how valuable this service can be. 

One of our key offerings to our clients here at NCE is Transformer Assembly and Maintenance. This is very valuable to our clients as the transformer is the electrical device that powers energy to your business. The transformer works using two or more coils of wire that transfer electricity from one circuit to another. This boosts the efficiency of energy over long distances in the form of voltage increase. Voltage levels are lowered to decrease line losses during transmission using this device as well. When transformers fail, many things can go wrong that might lose you and your business revenue. 

These failings are also more costly as the transformer continues to lose functionality. This is where North Central Electric Inc. really shines. We practice informed and efficient diagnostic testing that saves time and money for your business. When diagnostic testing is not done by professionals like ours, you run the risk of misdiagnosis or issues that won’t be resolved promptly.

Why Be a Client of NCE?

We want you to partner with us at NCE for all of your transformer service needs because we have a team of technicians who work hard to fix your issues, and we want to be an asset to you and your business when things get tough. We have all the tools and training required to tackle even the most complex technical problems. Testing and critical thinking are our strong suit here at NCE, and we will never give up when the trying gets tough.

Our Services

At North Central Electric, we offer solutions for the absolute height of power stability– the transformer, so we use state-of-the-art equipment considering your transformer’s specifications. Some things we do here include offloading your transformer at its destination, assembling and installing it, and the transformer’s respective radiators, pumps, fans, bushings, cops tanks, etc.). We also offer vacuum and oil processing as well as final acceptance testing. 

Our repair and maintenance services include oil processing degasification, dehydration, fuller’s earth, gasket, LTC Inspection, Maintenance, and repairs or replacement. In addition, we offer accessory installation and replacements, transformer disposal, and oil diagnostics and analysis. 

Call us today at (215) 945-7632 or visit our website to learn more about our transformer services and how we can help your business stay energized.