Calling all business owners in the greater Bensalem area of Pennsylvania! If you are in search of “High Voltage Cable testing near me,” look no further! North Central Electric Inc is here for all your High Voltage Cable Testing Service needs.

There are many ways your business can benefit from using professionals, such as our highly qualified and NETA-certified Engineers at NCE. Here are a few reasons why:

  • NCE Engineers are equipped with the latest testing equipment and technology and have the resources to provide your company with quick and accurate solutions when you need them most.
  • When working with an NCE Engineer, your business will have a deeper understanding of the quality of your electrical infrastructure and have the opportunity to order equipment and plan replacements that fit around your production schedule.
  • By allowing NCE to give you the answers you need about the status of your High Voltage Cables, your business can take quick corrective action to mitigate both: electrical interferences, which can be damaging to other expensive equipment, and electrical losses, which can save your business annual charges.
  • High Voltage Cable Testing can be used as a preventative measure, not only saving your business from encountering a catastrophic failure of your infrastructure but also providing a safer work environment for your employees. Finding weak and damaged insulation can help to prevent the possibility of accidental arcing that creates granulated metal discharge and electrocution. 
  • Your Maintenance Coordinators can trust the advice of our NETA Certified Engineers, allowing them to do their job with confidence.
  • NCE provides quick and direct solutions to any high-voltage equipment breakdowns or electrical anomalies your plant may encounter.

High Voltage Cable Testing is used to test the insulating quality of cable insulation and dielectric. As these cables face harsh weather conditions and damage from UV rays, they begin to break down and crack. Although these cables may appear in good condition from afar or to the naked eye, they may have lowered resistive values of hairline cracks from the change in the insulator’s physical properties. Electricity can equalize itself on an atomic level and will find these deficiencies if it finds a path to an opposing charge.

Using the latest technology and state-of-the-art testing equipment, our Engineers can help to save your company production losses, downtime, equipment damage, and hazardous employee work conditions. NCE collects accurate data, and our skilled Engineers analyze it to find the source of your problems when you need it most! NCE will work with your business to implement the correct solution the very first time. 

North Central Electric Inc. is a NETA-accredited company. NETA (InterNational Electrical Testing Association) standards are ingrained in the culture of NCE, and through this certification, our technicians receive incentivized training exercises and achieve accoladed levels of success throughout their action-packed career with us at North Central Electric Inc. 

Schedule an NCE Engineer to assist in your preventative maintenance practices so that your business can understand the quality of your electrical infrastructure and plan repair and replacement of crucial system components during a time that is convenient for the company. This ensures you never find yourself in a position where your production is forced to a halt, and your profits are at the whim. Call us at (215) 945-7632 for a free consultation.