Because of its strength as a potent greenhouse gas and ability to push the maximum electrical field without breaking down, SF6 gas is commonly used as an electrical insulator in warehouses and plants all over the world. These gasses are critical in your daily operations, but we know that handling them safely and efficiently is a very complicated task. 

Although SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride) is not technically a toxic chemical, direct exposure to it can still present serious health concerns. When working with any gas, it is incredibly important to take the necessary safety precautions and steps to best avoid any accidents.

When you partner with North Central Electrical, our expert technicians manage all of your professional SF6 gas handling services for you. By trusting NCE for your gas handling, your organization never needs to worry about properly storing, transporting, or disposing of dangerous SF6 gasses. Our technicians have years of experience and are always trained in the most up-to-date practices and regulations, 

AT NCE, we have earned the reputation of being the premier local professional SF6 gas handling company in Chester and the surrounding areas. We partner with your organization to work closely to develop personalized solutions, solving all of the complications of your storage, transportation, and disposal of SF6 gasses.

Transporting Gas Cylinders

Transporting gas cylinders improperly can pose serious safety hazards. Unfortunately, this transportation process is when the vast majority of mishaps and injuries occur. The first thing we consider is the pathway. It is crucial to perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s entire path of transporting the cylinders to ensure that there is no equipment that could interfere and nothing is on the floor that could restrict movement. The worst thing that can happen is for the cylinder to be somehow tipped over or dropped to a hard surface, creating a hazardous gas leak, or even worse, an explosion. 

This is why professional technicians will never lift or move gas cylinders by hand. We have carts that are specifically designed to safely and efficiently transport cylinders. Anybody working with these gasses should always be wearing proper protective equipment in the event of a spill – including safety goggles, gloves, and other protective clothing. This way if an accident does happen, you will be protected from any injury or illness that could result. 

Storing Gas Cylinders

Perhaps the most important part of dealing with SF6 gasses is proper storage. Sometimes these cylinders can be stored for long periods of time and are essentially just sitting there as an accident waiting to happen. If your facility uses a large amount of greenhouse gas for your operations, you should have a room on your site to properly store them. Our experts highly recommend that you select a storage location that is weatherproof and protected from any exterior elements so that nothing wet can interact with these combustible materials. Once the ideal storage area is identified, always create signage that reminds technicians or other contractors to proceed with caution in these areas. 

Call NCE to Handle Your SF6 Gas in Chester

If your facility works with SF6 gas or other greenhouse gasses, trust the professionals at NCE to properly store, transport, and dispose of your gas elements. These gas cylinders are required to be taken into accredited incineration plants for disposal and handled by certified professionals. Let us ease your worries and ensure the safety of your safety by taking care of everything for you. To learn more about our SF6 gas handling services, call (215) 945-7632 for a Free Consultation!