Are you looking to extend the life of your electrical equipment? The more advanced that equipment continues to become, the most expensive it is for businesses to operate and maintain it. However, professional acceptance testing and commissioning are required on most job sites to ensure that equipment is installed and operating properly and is safe for the employees. Especially when working heavy-duty machinery or high-voltage levels, if your electrical equipment is not regularly tested it can deteriorate quickly and become ineffective.

North Central Electric has earned a reputation for providing unrivaled electrical maintenance services and professional acceptance testing and commissioning for facilities in Newtown Square and the surrounding area. Our technicians put together a maintenance plan that works around your busy schedule to keep your business up and running and extend the life of your equipment to maximize your productivity. 

What is Acceptance Testing? 

Acceptance tests are necessary to ensure that your new electrical equipment was installed correctly and that your existing equipment is working efficiently. According to electrical equipment manufacturers, up to 30% of newly installed electrical equipment fails to operate properly. Acceptance testing is designed to identify any faults or malfunctions with your equipment. This works as a preventative measure to discover underlying issues before they become a problem so that they can be corrected before costly damages occur. Trust us, the short-term cost of hiring a professional testing specialist is well worth the possible long-term damage and costly repairs these tests will prevent, saving you money year after year.

How it Works

Regardless of the industry you work in or the size of your equipment, all newly installed electrical equipment requires acceptance testing and commissioning performed by qualified and trained professionals after being installed. NCE technicians provide Field Testing Services (ANSI/IEEE, NETA Standards) for your facility to ensure that your electrical apparatus meets industry and manufacturer standards. This process is made to ensure that each system, including its protection controls and SCADA systems, are operating correctly and how they were designed. 

Third-Party Testing

Not only is it required that all new electrical equipment goes through acceptance testing and commissioning, but these mandates also require that these tests are done by third parties. This is to ensure that all testing is unbiased and performed by an independent party that is well-trained and whose only responsibility and objective is to confirm a safe and efficient electrical system. Performing preventative maintenance on your equipment is the most important service available for organizations that rely on a surplus of electrical equipment. Keeping your equipment regulated and inspected by industry experts and specialists ensures the safety and reliability of your facility and employees.  

Partner With NCE in Newtown Square

NCE has over 25 years of experience as the top provider of electrical testing services in Newtown Square and the surrounding areas. Our clients trust that our testing is done accurately and will keep their equipment running properly and their employees safe from any electrical hazards. Our technicians are all NETA certified and undergo consistent training to ensure they remain up to date with the best practices and that your equipment is always in great hands. If your business utilizes large electrical systems and is looking for the best electrical acceptance testing professionals near Newtown Square, connect with NCE today to learn more about our process and services.