The role of industrial engineering services has grown significantly with modern businesses, shaping industries and propelling growth. Virginia, in particular, has experienced a surge in demand for specialized engineering services. In this environment, North Central Electric has emerged as a leading provider, catering to the needs of various industries and businesses seeking engineering solutions.


Electrical Engineering Services


From power generation to manufacturing and beyond, electrical systems are the lifeblood of operations. The demand for reliable, efficient, and cutting-edge engineering solutions is non-negotiable. This is where North Central Electric (NCE) can shine, offering a comprehensive array of services designed to address every facet of electrical design and engineering.


Engineering Services for Virginia’s Industries


For over two decades, NCE has been a stalwart presence in the power market, providing engineering services that cater to Virginia’s diverse industries. Our offerings span the entire spectrum of electrical engineering needs.


Load Flow Study: These studies ensure an optimal flow of electricity within a power system, minimizing wastage and improving overall efficiency.


Short-Circuit Study: By analyzing short-circuit scenarios, NCE helps businesses design systems that can withstand unexpected electrical surges, preventing equipment damage and downtime.


Coordination Study: Ensuring the coordination of protective devices is crucial for system reliability. These studies prevent cascading effects from protective device failure and safeguard operations.


Arc Flash Hazard Analysis and Mitigation: Safety is critical. By identifying potential arc flash hazards and providing mitigation strategies, NCE helps safeguards personnel and assets.


Protective Relay Setting Creation: Accurate relay settings are essential for operational security. Our expertise in creating these settings ensures electrical systems respond appropriately to abnormalities.


Protection and Control Design: For seamless operations, robust protection and control systems are a must. NCE adjusts these designs to fit each client’s unique requirements.


Relay Package Upgrades and Retrofits: As technology evolves, existing systems may need upgrades. Our engineers at NCE execute upgrades seamlessly, improving reliability.


NERC Studies and Programs: Regulatory compliance is a cornerstone of operations. Our electricians ensure compliance with NERC standards, improving safety for employees.


Maintenance Programs: Regular maintenance is essential to prevent equipment failures. We offer comprehensive programs to keep systems running smoothly.


Industrial Design Services: Tailored designs that meet Virginia’s industries’ specific requirements are our specialty, ensuring prime functionality.


The NCE Difference: Expertise and Innovation


What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of electrical engineering technological advancements. In an industry marked by rapid change, our engineers are well-versed in equipment operations and testing and dedicated to continuous growth and evolution. We actively pursue ongoing education and training, equipping ourselves with the latest industry knowledge to meet project demands.


Empowering Virginia’s Industries


In Virginia, North Central Electric’s services manage the individual needs of each sector. From power generation to manufacturing, our comprehensive suite of engineering solutions ensures businesses’ electrical systems remain reliable, efficient, and compliant.


Industrial engineering services are the cornerstone of modern business sustainability and growth. In Virginia, North Central Electric is leading the charge, offering engineering services that empower businesses, regardless of industry. With our commitment to expertise, innovation, and tailored solutions, NCE ensures Virginia’s industries thrive in a world of ever-increasing electrical power.