Trusted Electrical Contractor in Horsham, PA

If you’ve been finding that your business loses power, even during minor weather inclements, the stress of worrying about the reliability of your electricity can be overwhelming. Even if the electricity at your location is running smoothly, problems can always arise out of the blue and without notice, making this situation hard to avoid. Finding an ideal electrical contractor that you can trust is essential for all industries and that’s why North Central Electric has been the top choice for electrical needs in Horsham, PA for over 25 years.

High Quality Electrical Installations and Maintenance in Horsham, PA

At North Central Electric, our technicians work hard to ensure your business is free from any power outages that can occur. We take pride in finding the root cause of your electrical shortages and pinpoint the most effective solution to get you back to what you do best. From transformers to high voltage cable testing, there’s not a task too great for North Central Electric. Our installations and maintenance work make us the best in the industry and our technicians are continuously learning about recent innovations and trends to apply to their own craftsmanship. Your business functioning at full capacity is important to us, just as it is to you! With customer satisfaction that can’t be beat, you’ll be happy that you chose us for any and all electrical needs.

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