Working with electrical equipment, whether it is an electrical outlet or transformer, can be dangerous. If you work with high voltage cable systems, then this fact is likely obvious to you. Fortunately, dangerous incidents involving cabling systems can be prevented with proper testing. This process is known as high voltage cable testing. If your business is located in Paoli or the surrounding area, North Central Electric Inc. is your go-to company for high voltage cable testing. Let’s take a look at high voltage cable testing more in-depth and how NCE can be of service to you.


High Voltage Cable Testing – What Is It?

Based on their sheer size, it’s clear that cables produce a large amount of electrical power. If something goes wrong with their operation, then the situation can turn dangerous. High voltage cable testing is the process of testing commercial cables for any future faults that they may have. If a fault is identified, then the issue will be quickly resolved to ensure no incidents occur. These tests can be performed on new cables and ones that are already in use. 

The Importance of High Voltage Cable Testing

Not only does high voltage cable testing prevent dangerous incidents, but it also prevents loss of production for companies. The power that cables generate is used for many different industries. If a cable suddenly stops working, many people will face the consequences of the failure. Preventing these faults is important for a company because they often lead to a loss of revenue. With high voltage cable testing, these issues can be resolved before they even happen. 

High Voltage Cable Testing with North Central Electric Inc.

North Central Electric is the company to turn to for cable testing because of our expertise and essential partnerships. We partner with the top commercial cable diagnostics companies around the globe to give you the highest quality service. Our highly trained technicians leave no stone unturned when performing a high voltage cable test and even test for local faults. We will work side-by-side with you to schedule regular preventative maintenance and testing programs to ensure your cables remain up to code. We will use either AEIC, ICEA, IEC, and/or IEEE standards when we perform a high voltage cable test for your facility. At North Central Electric, we can provide you with:


  • VLF Hipot Testing up to 138 KV Cable [200 KV peak]
  • AC Resonant Hipot
  • DC Hipot Testing [Up to 600 KVDC]
  • Partial Discharge Analysis [Offline and Online]
  • Tan Delta Analysis
  • Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR)
  • Fault Locating


Contact North Central Electric for Cable Testing Services Today!

High voltage cable testing can potentially save lives. It’s important to turn to a company that can perform proper cable testing services to prevent any dangerous situations from occurring. If you or your business is in Paoli or the surrounding area, contact North Central Electric today for your free consultation on high voltage cable testing. Don’t wait for an accident to occur to begin your cable testing.