If you work in the electric utility and power generation industry, then you are likely familiar with high voltage cable testing and diagnosing. It is a critical practice that ensures high voltage cables are operating correctly, promoting safety and preventing loss of production. While you might be familiar with the high voltage cable testing, do you know exactly how it works? Below, we’re detailing how this important testing practice works and who you can turn to for expert high voltage cable testing and diagnosing in Willow Grove, PA. Let’s take a closer look.


How High Voltage Cable Testing and Diagnosing Works

High voltage cable testing is performed to predict future faults in power grids and deal with them accordingly. During a high voltage cable test, an engineer will check to ensure the current is not flowing between points where there should be no current flowing. This is done by taking two conductors that should be isolated and applying a very high voltage between them. The engineer will examine the points to see if there is too much current flowing through. If there is, that means the points are not well isolated and have failed the high voltage cable test. 


High voltage cable testing and diagnosing is quite dangerous to complete considering the amount of high voltage being used. Because of this, testing must be completed by individuals who are highly trained and experienced. If you need high voltage cable testing and diagnosing for your site in Willow Grove, PA or the surrounding area, look no further than the experts at North Central Electric.


Professional High Voltage Cable Testing in Willow Grove, PA

Since 1988, North Central Electric Inc. has been offering a full spectrum of electrical contractor capabilities to the ever-growing electric utility and power generation industry. We offer professional high voltage cable testing methods for our customers in Willow Grove, PA and the surrounding areas. Our engineers are qualified experts in all aspects of testing, providing you peace of mind that your cables will operate safely and efficiently. North Central Electric utilizes the industry standards for high voltage cable testing and partners with the top commercial cable diagnostics companies in the world. Our high voltage cable testing methods are completed using either AEIC, ICEA, IEC, and/or IEEE standards. North Central Electric high voltage cable testing services include:


  • VLF Hipot Testing up to 138 KV Cable [200 KV peak]
  • AC Resonant Hipot
  • DC Hipot Testing [Up to 600 KVDC]
  • Partial Discharge Analysis [Offline and Online]
  • Tan Delta Analysis
  • Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR)
  • Fault Locating


Start Your Cable Testing and Diagnosing Services Today!

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