North Central Electric is a company that employs the top commercial electrical contractors in Chester County. We offer a multitude of services, including acceptance testing and commissioning, transformer assembly and oil processing, high voltage cable testing, and diagnostics, predictive and pretentious maintenance testing, SF6 gas handling and reclamation services, and engineering services. We have been a commercial electrical company since 1988, and our fantastic services continue to be the go-to for technical services for many businesses in the Northeastern U.S. We are a full-service electrical contracting company, with trained and experienced industrial maintenance technicians. North Central Electric is veteran-owned and a small business. 

We want to provide you with technical services that will prevent unplanned outages from ever occurring. Our technicians have thorough expertise and knowledge, and all of your business’s electrical needs can be met. We understand that as a business owner you are incredibly busy, and most of the time having regularly scheduled maintenance might not be your top priority. We work very closely with our amazing clients to schedule regular testing and maintenance programs, so you can relax knowing that your equipment is operating the right way and that your business is well taken care of and your employees are safe. If you’re searching for the best industrial electrical contractors near me, look no further than North Central Electric! 

Our Services

We provide commercial facilities with various technical services. Starting with transformer assembly and oil processing, we have important solutions to power transformers. We utilize state-of-the-art oil processing rights and are trained and certified by the leading transformer manufacturers. We have an overline truck, 50-ton crane, man lifts, and generators. We provide turnkey installation, assembly, vacuum fill, oil circulation, LTC inspection, and electrical testing. We also offer acceptance testing and commissioning, high voltage, cable testing and diagnostics, predictive and preventive maintenance testing, and engineering services.

More Services

 We are a fully accredited NETA company. NETA has a stringent standard for membership, which all companies continually must meet to be able to maintain their active certification. These strong membership requirements and standards mean we are giving our customers industry-leading work and procedures at the highest quality possible.  North Central Electric is a fantastic company and one of the top commercial electrical contractors in Chester County and we are happy to work with you. We have amazing and current knowledge of data practices and regulations qualified to fill new SF6 breakers, degas existing SF6 breakers for maintenance and decommissions. Our professional technicians are qualified to handle all of your major Sulfur hexafluoride gas handling projects with the utmost care. It’s important to make sure your business has an environment where your employees can work safely. It’s also important that your employees can work productively and avoid any issues with something going wrong. All sorts of companies can have different electrical equipment that fails, this puts your employees at risk of danger, and can be costly. Not on our watch. Working with us can make sure that these issues and shutdowns don’t happen and your employees are safe and you don’t lose money.