A full-spectrum local commercial electrical company serving Baltimore, Maryland, North Central Electric has been a leading electrical company since 1988 providing companies with industrial testing programs, maintenance, engineering, commissioning, and project management services for all electrical projects. No matter what industry your company is in, we work with facilities in the power generation, utility, industrial, manufacturing, or commercial industries and provide experienced knowledge to keep your facility running safely, efficiently, and effectively. We are a certified veteran-owned small business, and because we do things differently than our competitors we have established ourselves as the leader in technical services in Baltimore. 

The North Central Electric Difference 

At North Central Electric, our number one goal is to provide your company with the highest quality electrical service to ensure that your business never experiences unplanned power outages. We understand that when your power equipment goes down, so does your business. Our highly-trained technicians utilize the best equipment and practices in the industry. We offer our engineers continued education and training so they remain up-to-date in their knowledge of the latest technology, regulations, and power system software. In an industry that is constantly growing and changing, we pride ourselves on developing and adapting to it. The expertise, knowledge, and experience of our engineers and technicians are what have enabled NCE to continually succeed and remain an industry leader for local commercial electrical companies.

How Can North Central Electric Help You?

By providing specialized services 24/7, NCE ensures that all of our client’s needs and expectations are always met. No matter what technical services your facility needs, NCE offers a wide range of services to complete your project successfully and on time.

Acceptance Testing and Commissioning

NCE will perform unrivaled field-testing services designed to predict the effectiveness of both new and old electrical equipment to ensure your equipment is durable, safe, and remains up to code. Whether your equipment is freshly installed or you want a thorough examination of your current equipment, acceptance testing is essential to ensure your equipment is installed and functioning correctly, so that it is safe and running efficiently. Outdated equipment will cost your business time, efficiency, and money. 

Transformer Assembly and Oil Processing

Transformers are electrical devices that consist of two or more coils of wire that are used to transfer electrical energy from one electrical circuit to another or multiple circuits. NCE’s technicians have installed thousands of transformers and can completely assemble and install your facility’s transformer to ensure you always have the power needed. A failing transformer can lead to a loss of revenue and high repair costs. 

High Voltage Cable Testing and Diagnostics

High-voltage cables generate large amounts of power. If not maintained correctly they can become extremely dangerous. Running tests from qualified experts can predict future faults in the power grid and prevent hazardous situations and loss of production. 

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance Testing

Consistently running maintenance testing is the most effective way to predict and prevent equipment failure and costly repairs. NCE’s maintenance testing is designed to catch issues before it happens to save your company time and money. 

SF6 Gas Handling and Reclamation Services

Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas is an incredibly powerful greenhouse gas used as an electric insulator and is very common in the industry to maximize the electrical field without breaking down. Because these gasses are so potent, they need to be handled in a very careful and specific way. NCE has the training to handle SF6 gas from transportation to disposal to ensure proper safety and regulatory compliance.

Engineering Services

NCE has been an industry leader in engineering solutions for over two decades. Our engineers take the necessary steps to maintain expert knowledge and constantly grow and adapt to the ever-changing electrical engineering industry. Our engineering services are functional, innovative, detailed, and conceptual to ensure your facility maintains the most reliable electric power system.

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From initial acceptance testing to preventive maintenance testing and everything in between, call North Central Electric for any of your electrical needs. As a veteran-owned commercial electrical company serving Baltimore, Maryland, we ensure your project will be completed successfully, on time, and within budget and that all your expectations are met. Contact us today!