North Central Electric is proud to be serving Montgomery County with many different types of commercial electrical services.  We offer acceptance testing and commissioning, transformer assembly and oil processing, high voltage cable testing and diagnostics, predictive and pretentious maintenance testing, SF6 gas handling and reclamation services, and engineering services. We have been a commercial electrical company since 1988, and our fantastic services continue to be a go-to for many businesses in the Northeastern U.S. We are a full-service electrical contracting company with very well-trained and experienced industrial maintenance technicians. We want to provide you with technical services that will prevent unplanned outages from ever occurring. If your equipment is out, then so is your business and no one wants that. Our technicians have the expertise and knowledge to meet all your electrical needs. 

We understand that as a business owner you are incredibly busy, and most of the time having regularly scheduled maintenance might not be your top priority. That’s where we come in. We work closely with our amazing clients to schedule regular testing and maintenance programs, and you can rest easy knowing that your equipment is operating the right way and that your business and employees are safe. We are great commercial electrical contractors for your needs in Montgomery County and are proud to be serving the great companies throughout the area.

Our Commercial Electrical Services

Here at North Central Electric, we offer complete acceptance testing and commissioning services for existing in-service substations and new substations. We will do a thorough examination of the electrical equipment after installation and wiring into your power system. Our technical expertise and experience on systems 480 KV to 765 KV will make customers sure that their systems will operate as designed and intended. Our test personnel are all NETA certified technicians and are trained to test, install, and work on a wide variety of electrical equipment. We work on auto-transfer switches, cables, battery banks, generators, motors, capacitors, moto operated devices, power breakers, circuit switchers, disconnect switches, grounding, metering units, power breakers, SF6 Breakers, surge arrestors, switchgear, and more! High voltage cable tests are performed to prevent dangerous situations from happening and to predict any future faults in the power grids. Our highly trained team of engineers can provide AC Resonant Hipot, VLF Hipot Testing up to 138 KV Cable [200 KV peak], DC Hipot testing [Up to 600 KVDC], and more! We also have high voltage cable testing and diagnostic, SF6 gas handling and reclamation services, preventive maintenance testing, engineering services. 

Safety First

Safety in the workplace is incredibly important and safety is our top priority. Safety is the standard that is put in place to protect workers and your business from dangerous situations. We want to stop issues before they even occur and make sure that you are always putting your best foot forward. We are excited to work with you.