As a business owner, the top priority should always be to ensure a safe working environment. The safety of all parties involved plays a vital role in your day-to-day procedures. When was the last time you got acceptance tests and inspections completed to ensure your electrical equipment is up to code? At North Central Electric, we assess the efficiency of both outdated and new electrical equipment at new and existing facilities. 


One of the best ways to prolong the lifespan of your equipment is to conduct these tests to ensure proper installation and functionality. Doing this saves your business money in the long run and enhances the safety of your business. For this reason, North Central Electric offers field-testing services to all customers.


What is Acceptance Testing?

Acceptance testing consists of a set of tests that are run to ensure all equipment is running correctly and safely. It takes into consideration standards and manufacturer’s tolerances to ensure functionality. Whether you have recently installed new equipment and need verification of compliance with code requirements, or you need an evaluation of your existing equipment to ensure optimal functioning, acceptance tests provide an analysis of your systems.


Before using new electrical equipment it is required to conduct acceptance testing and commissioning, regardless of the industry. The testing services offered by NCE offer credibility and validity to your organization, safeguarding manufacturer warranties, and establishing a benchmark for monitoring and comparing future equipment. With electrical equipment constantly changing, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Update your old and outdated equipment to ensure your business is working safely and efficiently. 


These tests provide an excellent opportunity to prolong the lifespan of your equipment. It is crucial to conduct these tests on new equipment to ensure proper installation and functionality. Performing acceptance testing not only enhances the safety of your work site but also helps save your business money by avoiding expensive repairs. According to electrical equipment manufacturers, 30% of newly installed electrical equipment fails to function correctly.

Why Choose North Central Electric? 

Since 1988, North Central Electric has provided a range of electrical contractor services, encompassing design and engineering, construction, testing and commissioning, and project management. We continue to expand our capabilities to meet the evolving demands of our customers.

At North Central Electric, all employees who conduct the acceptance testing services, are all NETA certified technicians. Every project taken on by NCE is led by a NETA Level III or higher professional at our company, ensuring that your equipment is handled by experts. North Central Electric, Inc. is dedicated to delivering the best quality of workmanship and professionalism to our customers. We maintain close collaboration with our clients to establish regular maintenance and testing programs. NCE provides comprehensive reports which detail the current condition of your equipment, recommended corrective actions, and documentation for safety, insurance, and management purposes. For trusting and reliable electrical acceptance testing services and commissioning in the Croydon area, contact us today!