Business owners are constantly looking for new ways to extend the life of their electrical equipment. As this equipment becomes more advanced each year, it similarly becomes more expensive to the businesses who require them to operate. In the same sense, they need to ensure that this equipment is efficient as possible and it is safe for their employees. Especially when working with heavy-duty machinery or high voltage levels, electrical equipment if not properly and regularly tested, can quickly deteriorate and become ineffective. 

That’s why NCE provides unrivaled electrical maintenance services for businesses here in Langhorne and throughout all of Northeastern, US. Putting together maintenance plans that work around your busy schedule, clients receive acceptance tests that can help to extend your vital equipment. 

What is Acceptance Testing? 

Acceptance tests are performed on your new or existing electrical equipment to ensure that they are installed and functioning properly. According to electrical equipment manufacturers, up to 30% of newly installed electrical equipment fails to operate properly. With that in mind, electrical tests will identify faults or malfunctions within the equipment immediately. This works as a preventative measure, discovering underlying causes so that they can be corrected before more costly damages occur. While it may be a short-term cost to hire testing specialists, the long-term effects of these tests will prove to save you money year after year. 

How it Works: 

Regardless of the size of new equipment or the industry that you reside in, all new electrical equipment requires acceptance testing and commissioning by trained professionals after being installed. NCE technicians provide Field Testing Services (ANSI/IEEE, NETA Standards) for all of our customers to ensure that your electrical apparatus meets industry and manufacturer standards. This process is made to ensure that each system, including its protection controls and SCADA systems, are operating correctly and how they were designed to. 

Third-Party Testing! 

Similar to the mandates that require all new electrical equipment to go through acceptance testing and commissioning, it is also required that these tests are done by third parties. Why is this important? Well, this ensures that testing is unbiased and performed by an independent party whose only responsibility and objective are producing a safe and efficient electrical system. Preventative and predictive maintenance are perhaps the most important services available for organizations that utilize a surplus of electrical equipment. It’s equally important that this equipment is regulated and inspected by industry experts and specialists to ensure safety and reliability. 

Why Hire NCE in Langhorne?

NCE, or North Central Electric, is a premier provider of electrical maintenance services in Langhorne and has been for decades. Our clients trust that our tests will keep their properties running interruptedly and also keep their employees safe from any electrical hazards. With decades of experience and a consistent training program for all of our technicians, you can rest assured that your equipment is in great hands. Does your business utilize large electrical systems and is looking for “electrical acceptance testing near me”? Connect with NCE today to identify any errors now before they become dangerous and costly.